SourceSTAR is a high vibrational healing system that is channelled by the practitioner.  It is believed to be the system of healing used in the ancient temples of Egypt and can be used effectively for easing symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain and illness. 

SourceSTAR is the new name given to the healing system formerly known as Sekhem that was rediscovered in 1992. This recent change of name proved particularly necessary within the EU and UK due to trademarking regulations.

SourceSTAR energy is extremely powerful, but also very gentle and it works simultaneously on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. After an initial consultation, the Client will be asked to lie fully clothed on the treatment table.   A SourceSTAR treatment for the most part is given mainly “hands off” but there are certain areas where the practitioner will actually touch you ie – head, shoulders and arms. It is also possible to give a SourceSTAR healing from a distance.

The practitioner will ask for the SourceSTAR energy to flow for the highest good and intention of the individual, but it is the client themselves who set the intention or purpose for their treatment. This should always be done with great thought and in a positive way. Each person’s experience will be unique and the treatment will be tailored to suit each individual’s needs. 

60 mins – £45