Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Sometimes described as ‘hypnotherapy with your eyes open’, NLP is a therapeutic approach which helps us explore and resolve challenges in any area of life, by identifying and clearing emotional traumas, unhelpful beliefs or internal conflicts which may cause issues such as anxiety, eating disorders/ weight management issues, depression, compulsive behaviours, phobias, low confidence or self-esteem, or difficulty in achieving goals. NLP can also help us to access undiscovered or under-used talents and resources in order to achieve our aims and improve mental and physical performances.  

NLP is a ‘bespoke’ therapeutic approach, characterised by the flexibility of working styles and the variety of techniques used, so each session is different, and a number of different processes may be combined in order to best serve the client’s needs.   Through the process of addressing the root cause of a specific unwanted experience, pattern or behaviour, it is also often possible for positive changes to ‘ripple out’ into other areas of our life experience, bringing additional benefits.

60–90 minutes – £70