A gentle, non-invasive energy therapy, Reiki boosts the body’s natural energy (chi or ki), replenishing energy levels depleted by illness, stress or environmental factors, and restoring the flow of chi through the body. Increasingly recognised as a valuable complement to conventional medical treatment, Reiki is also popular simply for the deep relaxation it offers. Potentially beneficial for virtually any condition, from insomnia to chronic back pain to emotional trauma, Reiki has no contra-indications and can be safely combined with conventional medicine.

Reiki is also the foundation of a spiritual practice for many people, and provides a means to experience in the physical world the benefits of positive intention, conscious connection to the Life Force Energy, and the amazing potential of the human being to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Oona McFarlane, Reiki Master

Oona McFarlane has been working with Reiki since 2000, as student, practitioner and teacher, building a strong foundation of both theoretical and practical knowledge of energy healing (she also works with Seichem/SKHM energy and other healing modalities). As an Independent Reiki Master, she doesn’t teach a specific trademarked ‘style’ of Reiki, but instead aims to pass on a more open and progressive approach to working with Reiki: to learn and master established practices through a commitment to working with healing, but also to question what is passed on, and to continue to explore other techniques and discoveries that may inform Reiki practice. Oona’s aim is to allow each student to make their personal connection to the Reiki energy, and to develop their unique style of working with it, from a safe and supported framework of knowledge and experience. To this end, she also offers regular ‘Reiki Share’ classes for students to continue to revise, refine and expand their Reiki practice, to bring along questions and thoughts to share, and to be able to meet with like-minded people for a relaxed and supportive experience.

The Reiki trainings at Tir na nOg are designed to provide a balance between taught and experiential learning, and are limited to small groups to allow plenty of individual attention, time for practice and questions, and a deep, unhurried experience of Reiki.