Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

In contrast with the authoritative style of classical hypnosis where clients are given instructions and commands while in trance, which may provoke resistance, Ericksonian hypnotherapy works permissively and flexibly through the use of indirect suggestions and therapeutic metaphors, allowing unique strategies and changes to evolve. In essence, this approach works on the basis that your unconscious mind is your friend and ally, that on an unconscious level you already know everything you need to know to resolve any issues you are currently struggling with, and that through trance we can access the learnings and resources within the unconscious, to allow positive change to take place.

Trance is a naturally-occurring phenomenon for us all – from the daydreaming state through to the deep trance most people associate with the concept of hypnosis, and including lots of day-to-day activities (e.g. driving, watching TV, repetitive physical activity), and all of these trance states can act as a gateway to the unconscious mind and its resources.

This hypnotherapy approach works in a natural, conversational way, creating opportunities for the clients’ unconscious mind to access and activate understandings, resources and positive states in order to resolve challenges they may have been experiencing. Like other hypnotherapy forms, Ericksonian hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, from stress and low self-esteem to weight loss, sleep disorders, and relationship difficulties. It can also help to improve performance in work, sports or hobbies, and as a tool in personal development work.

60–90 mins – £70