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Tir na nOg

Tir na nOg

holistic centre

holistic centre

Tir na nOg

The Stables

Balfunning, Balfron Station

United Kingdom

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telephone:  01360 449300


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Aura, Colour & Crystal Therapy

with Agnes McCluskey

The aura is the electro-magnetic field that surrounds every living thing, even though it is invisible to most eyes.  It is made up of various colours and is linked to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of an individual. Each of these colours link to physical conditions, psychological characteristics, specific organs in the body and can give a clear indication of how a person is thinking and feeling.

Through my training in colour therapy, I have developed the ability to sense aura colours. Using a piece of paper with a simple body outline as guidance, I will intuitively map out your Aura colours and using my knowledge of colour, I will then analyse these for you.

Price: One hour £42.00


Reiki and Colour Healing


Colour Therapy Colour Therapy and Healing in its many forms has been used for thousands of years.  It was used by many civilizations, including the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. Colour surrounds us in our everyday life and has a profound affect on us on many levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and also spiritually. By actively using colour, a colour therapist aims to balance and enhance your energy centres, thus stimulating your body’s own healing process and promoting health, healing and well- being.


Colour Therapy /Healing Colour Therapy and Healing takes many forms – I work with various methods, including my Aurora Borealis Coloured Bottles, Aura drawings, Silk Scarves, Meditation,  a Light Box etc. 


After an initial consultation Agnes will decide which method or methods will be most suitable for the client.  Agnes is  also qualified in SourceSTAR and Reiki Healing and sometimes will combine Colour Healing with one of these healing systems.

Price: 90mins £70.00

SourceSTAR & Colour Healing

Price: 90mins £70.00

Chakra Balancing

This will be done using a combination of Reiki or SourcSTAR healing, together with my silk scarves and/or light box.  I will use the healing vibration and frequency of colours to realign and restore balance to the chakras.  This is an extremely relaxing but also empowering treatment and will help restore balance on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

Price: One hour £42.00

Colour Life Readings

The Aurora Borealis is a set of 49 pyramid shaped bottles, each containing single or dual colours.  The Client will be asked to self -select bottles, both those they are attracted to and also those that they are not attracted to. From the sequence of colours chosen, I can then identify the key issues facing the Client, or anything that may be holding the client back.  The aim is to bring clarity to the Client and allow them to move forward and hopefully to obtain greater fulfilment and well -being.

Price: 45mins £42.00

Aura Drawings

Price: 45mins £42.00

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Please call us on 01360 449300 to check availability and book your appointment.

Atlantean Crystal Healing™ is a new therapy system that re-awakens the ancient techniques of Crystal Therapy wrapped in the wisdom of Atlantis. This is combined with contemporary healing techniques of the modern age. Atlantean Crystal Healing™ is an energy based healing system.

After an initial consultation, the client will be asked to lie fully clothed on the treatment table, (seated treatments can also be given if this is not possible).

The practitioner will then carry out the treatment working with different layouts and grids of crystals. These will be placed on various positions on and around the client.

A treatment can be tailored for each client, with various crystals being chosen and used, depending on the client’s own individual needs, or to help with specific issues, as well as for general healing and to promote well being.

The healing will flow to where it is needed for the client’s greatest good and works on various levels – emotional, physical, mental and also spiritual.

The therapy is non-invasive and is a very gentle, but also powerful form of energy healing.

Atlantean Crystal Healing

Price: 60mins £42.00